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Use of the website indicates acceptance of the present conditions. The conditions may be modified from time to time, without further notice. Thereof, you are kindly requested to check them from time to time, as the continued use of the website indicates acceptance of the conditions that may have been altered.

To gain access to the services provided by “goldenbet.tips”, you have to pay the estimated subscription fee. It should be pointed out that the refund, in whole or in part, of the particular cost to the paying subscriber is not allowed under any circumstances.

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Entry and use are strictly forbidden to individuals under 18 years of age or individuals who do not bear legal capacity.


  1. "goldenbet.tips" provides to its subscribers solely statistical assessments that do not ensure validation under any circumstances. Subscribers bear the sole responsibility for their decisions and share equal responsibility for any damage that may occur from possible participation in betting activities.
  2. By paying the subscription fee and accepting registration, the subscriber gains access to the special statistical assessments of "goldenbet.tips". "goldenbet.tips" is obliged to provide the subscribers a minimum of 70 statistical assessments on a monthly basis.
  3. It is strictly forbidden for subscribers to republish, distribute or sell the statistical assessments of "goldenbet.tips". Offenders will face the provided for civil and criminal penalties concerning intellectual property legislation and other special legislations.


  1. The provided services are directed solely to adults, bearing legal capacity. "goldenbet.tips" tries to protect users as far as possible, especially minors during their visit of the website. "goldenbet.tips" recommends that parents ensure that minor children do not have unsupervised and unguided Internet access. If however, minors do subscribe to the website, “goldenbet.tips” does not bear any responsibility.
  2. During registration procedure and creation of a subscriber’s account, the subscriber is obliged to select a unique username and a password. It should be pointed out that each subscriber is entitled to maintain only one account on "goldenbet.tips" (singularity).
  3. During the subscriber’s online registration, he has to declare his personal data, by filling the blank spaces of the online form. Furthermore he needs to affirm that the provided information is accurate, true and chronologically updated in its entirety.
  4. "goldenbet.tips” reserves the inalienable right to deny and / or cancel the creation of a subscription based on the inability of validation of the registration's information authenticity.
  5. Each subscriber guarantees that he is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his password by adhering to the following indicative and not restrictive recommendations. Therefore, their use by a third party is strictly forbidden.
  6. By registering, the subscriber accepts his parallel registration in the mailing list of "goldenbet.tips", so that he can receive information mail "Newsletters". In the event that the subscriber does not wish to receive them, he may be deleted from the list by giving the proper order at "Unsubscribe from the list", located at the end of each Newsletter, without further formalities.
  7. The services and contents of “goldenbet.tips” are provided “exactly as is”, without no explicit guarantees or presumption in any way, with respect to merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The provided statistical assessments should not, under any circumstances, be considered as valid information, advice or exhortation or proposal to a specific action.
  8. "goldenbet.tips" strictly provides statistically calculated prognostic data, only in the form and approach of -assessment and probabilities, which do not constitute, in any way, advice, recommendation, encouragement or proposal for the placement of any kind of betting or gambling activities. Our firm position, which, also derives, from the science of mathematics, is that no betting statistical model or individual prognostic data to bring absolute verification or application exists. Therefore, the subscribers bear the sole responsibility of their choices and decisions taking equal full responsibility for any financial risk or damage deriving from any participation in any kind or extent of betting activities.
  9. "goldenbet.tips" does not bear responsibility for any demands and indicatively: legal, civil or criminal nature or any damage inflicted by visitors or third parties from causes that have nothing to do with the function and use of the website. "goldenbet.tips" and associates do not bear or accept any responsibility concerning any financial or other damages a user of the services may experience, due to inaccuracy, error, inadequacy or negligence etc. of any information or statistical assessment.
  10. Sole obligation of "goldenbet.tips" to the subscribers is the provision of the football games statistical assessments. "goldenbet.tips" is obliged to provide the subscribers a minimum of 70 statistical assessments on a monthly basis. Statistical assessments should not, under any circumstances, be considered safe options, while according to their markings (Gold, Value, Risky) the possibility of verification of such options is determined based on the statistical model or other statistical methods used by "goldenbet.tips". The use of statistical assessments lies solely with the subscriber and “goldenbet.tips” bears no responsibility whatsoever with respect to his decisions. Mark that “goldenbet.tips” is not obligated to provide statistical assessments on a daily basis, as long as in a time period of (1) month it provides at least 70 statistical assessments.
  11. "goldenbet.tips" does not guarantee a steady statistical assessments success rate. Moreover, "goldenbet.tips" does not guarantee a minimum statistical assessments success rate.
  12. "goldenbet.tips" does not provide any explicit guarantees, that the pages, services, operations, options and contents will be provided without any interruption, errors and that errors will be fixed. Moreover, “goldenbet.tips" does not guarantee that it or any other associate site or the servers, through which they are available to the users, do not contain “viruses” or other harmful components. The users / members visit the contents and services website at their sole initiative and responsibility. Furthermore, "goldenbet.tips" recommends the users / members to cross - check the provided information.
  13. "goldenbet.tips" reserves the right to unilaterally amend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the provided services or, at least, part of them, with or without further notice.
  14.  "goldenbet.tips", does not provide, under any circumstances, betting transaction or placement services of fixed or not fixed revenue.
  15. "goldenbet.tips" will be providing these services through the standard constructed trading practices in the field of information exchange through multimedia, bearing responsibility solely for gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  16. The trademark "goldenbet.tips" as well as the total of the contents of "goldenbet.tips", including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, images, drawings, illustrations, provided services and, in general, any kind of files, are subject to intellectual property rights and are governed by the applicable in that case copyright legislation, except in the case of explicitly recognized rights of third parties. Thereof, it is explicitly forbidden to reproduce, republish, copy, save, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, execute, download, translate, amend in any way, in part or summarily without express prior written consent of the Beneficiary. In exceptional circumstances, the individual storage and copy of the content' s parts in a simple personal computer for strictly personal use is allowed, with no intension of commercial or other use and, always, provided that the source of origin is registered, without that indicating any kind of concession regarding the intellectual property rights. Any other content found in the pages of ”goldenbet.tips” that is a trademark and, in general, intellectual property product of third parties, falls within the sphere of responsibility of the third party and has no connection whatsoever to "goldenbet.tips".
  17. The use, republication, sale, circulation etc. or in any other way, even in the future, use of the data without written consent of the beneficiary will be subject to series of civil and criminal sanctions concerning intellectual property and other specific legislations.
  18. Present conditions are governed and interpreted, by Cyprian Law, and any incurred dispute will be settled at the ratione materiae Cypriot Courts. However, in any case, "goldenbet.tips" reserves the inalienable right to resign unilaterally from the present disposition and imply or and interpret the present conditions according to the legislation of the subscriber's country of residence and to impose any disputes at the subscriber's country of residence jurisdiction.

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