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Welcome to GOLDENBET betting community!

We are a group of people passionate about football.

We are a group of people passionate about football betting.

In 2010 we created goldenbet.com website in order to help betting players have all chances in their favor.

Ever since, hundreds of thousands of players all around the world have surrounded us with love and trusted our betting forecasts. Our community is vastly expanding.

You will not find the usual prognostic data here.

Our team of experts uses a unique model based on statistics, physics and mathematics to analyze the betting games and present the prognostic data on a daily basis.

GOLDENBET’s statistical model has been tested in a huge number of football games, presents consistent results and therefore guarantees high revenues.

The rates per day may present related variations, however the monthly and annual average always remain at high levels.

The GOLDENBET team has one goal, to help the professional or amateur player with the advantages provided by our special statistical model.

Our analyses provide statistical advantages to the players; however, it goes without saying that the final decisions and strategies implemented by them are their sole responsibility.

For more information, please read the conditions of use carefully.


We need to point out that football prognostic data is a very difficult task as in football, more than any other sport, the element of surprise awaits.

We believe that betting needs to be dealt with the utmost importance: there are no gurus,or absolute success.

However, statistics is a powerful tool that cannot be ignored as it can be used as a precious “compass” as to where the scales of every game will tip and maximize the chances of success.

That is what we offer you here!

GOLDENBET' s statistical model has the particularity of highlighting the dangers hiding in several games that are marked No Bet and Risky on the one hand, and, on the other hand, choosing the games where one of the teams has the odds in its favour (Value, Gold).

We have to say again that our prognostic data are one of a kind.

The stronger football teams do not always win just as the weak ones do not always lose.

We can track the catch at a very high level. Using our statistic model we do not only point out the opportunities but also the games to be avoided, the ones with very high betting risks.

Mark that GOLDENBET’s statistic model constitutes intellectual property of GOLDENBET. Therefore the methodology implied is secret and not notified.


Indeed, GOLDENBET is the football betting website that counts its results.

With every day presentation of the statistic model' s performance, the visitors can make their own judgments on who deduces the best prognostic data.

We do not brag about every little success, nor do we hide our failures: numbers speak for themselves!

Join us, stay tuned and keep consulting GOLDENBET's betting prognostic data.

Enter the magical world of football betting prognostic data!


1. The GOLDENBET model is purely statistical and mathematical based on specific constants and does not provide the possibility of aggregation of independent variables that may alter the image of the game.

Such variables may be a red card and the incurring numerical predominance of one time, the injury of a key player, arbitration errors, specific weather conditions, etc.

2. The high rates of verification refer to the points bearing the symbols GOLD and VALUE and not to the points bearing the symbol RISKY.



According to the special statistical model of GOLDENBET, marks indicated by the symbol GOLD, have a possibility of verification higher than 80%.


According to the special statistical model of GOLDENBET, marks indicated by the symbol VALUE, have a possibility of verification higher than 70%.


According to the special statistical model of GOLDENBET, marks indicated by the symbol RISKY, have an increased possibility of unexpected results.


According to the special statistical model of GOLDENBET, marks indicated by the symbol NO BET, either present an increased balance of possibilities or a strong possibility of surprise, related to the returns.

The GoldenBet Team

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